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New Israeli development:
a fireproof baby mattress with no flame retardants

A groundbreaking Israeli patent: a unique baby
mattress made of natural and antibacterial materials
which does not contain dangerous flame retardants:
“Allows air flow and helps prevent crib death.”


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What is exceptional about our product?

The mattress withstands cigarette and open flame tests without flame retardants, is not flammable, and does not smolder or smoke. Uses a water-based fireproof adhesive without flame retardants

It is the only mattress in the world with a core that consists of a three-dimensional mesh structure, not open cavities, that allows air flow, and its professional name is "breathable foam". The mattress is excellent in preventing crib death because of the three-dimensional mesh cells that allow air flow.

The acoustic mattress is noise-absorbing, creating a pleasant atmosphere around the baby by preventing background noise around it.

The outer cover is made of 100% premium cotton that meets the strictest standards, and is anti-bacterial with hypoallergenic properties due to its hollow cell structure enabling it to dry quickly and repel bacteria.

The mattress has a double-layered cover so that the inner material that prevents moisture absorption does not touch the baby’s skin during sleep. The inner cover is produced by a unique technology of micronic perforations which allows air flow but does not allow moisture to be absobed into the mattress

The mattress is double-sided, with a firm side for babies up to one year of age and a flexible side for babies over one year.

We hold both patent and trademark Meets stringent requirements of the RAL international standard for natural colors Complies with international Oeko-tex standards for fabrics

Extremely lightweight