The One-of-a-Kind Mattress by

The safest for your infant

מזרן לא דליק


Heat-resistant up to 240°C

מזרן תינוקות ללא מעכבי בעירה

No flame retardants

Made solely from natural materials

מזרן נושם למיטת תינוק

Breathable fabric

Minimizes the risk of crib death

when your infant sleeps on our mattress

You can sleep soundly

The safest choice

for my baby.

A double-sided mattress with two levels of firmness –

A firm side for babies under 1 year old
A more flexible side for babies up to 3 years old

Prevents sweating through temperature retention

Pleasant even on hot days.

The mattress is covered in breathable, washable 100% cotton (or bamboo) fabric.

(green fabrics).

The bamboo/cotton fabric mattress cover is washable (hand wash up to 30°)

The mattress is made of breathable material allowing oxygen flow even when covered.

מזרן לתינוקות ללא מעכבי בעירה
No flame retardants Resistant up to 240°C
מזרן תינוקות אנטי בקטריאלי
International standard for textile quality
RAL international standard for natural colors

Only the best for my baby

מזרן נושם לתינוק

Ever since my Yotami began sleeping on a Safe Dreams mattress, the rash on his body has disappeared.  The soft, pleasant bamboo cloth soothes him to a calm and deep sleep.  Thank you, Safe Dreams !

Ronny Ashkenazi, Yotam’s dad, Rehovot

מזרן טבעי לתינוק

Ever since we acquired your mattress, Assaf stopped sleeping in our bed and asks to be put in his own bed, on his new mattress.  He sleeps peacefully and calmly and has stopped waking up at night.  Thank you.

Yael Kaufman, Assaf’s mom, Holon

מזרן לתינוק

I received a boxed mattress at my home from a smiling delivery carrier who arrived at the exact time we had set.  Well done, Safe Dreams service department.

Yigal Friedman, Noy’s dad, Haifa