Mattress Features

Mattress Features

No flame retardants, resistant up to 240°C

The unique and significant advantage of safedreams mattresses is the fact that the mattress is not flammable, does not smolder or smoke, and meets the Standards Institute's tests, even though it does not contain flame retardant chemicals like most baby mattresses. What is a flame retardant? A broad set of harmful chemicals used to prevent and reduce fire and its spread. Most mattresses on the market have flame retardants, which are toxic and volatile substances.


The materials the covers are made from are anti-bacterial cotton and bamboo. In a unique process and innovative technology, these fabrics create a hygienic environment and repel different bacteria and pollutants.

Thermal insulation, acoustic noise-absorbing mattress

Sleep in an acoustic environment due to the structure of the raw material as a thin three-dimensional mesh with open cavities allowing noise absorption.

Breathable foam – allowing air flow

The material the mattress is produced from is a resin that has open cavities and a three-dimensional mesh structure that allows for air flow, known professionally as "breathable foam."


The Safe dreams cotton or bamboo mattress covers comply with an Oeko-tex standard that ensures prevention of baby skin irritations.

100% natural bamboo / cotton fabric

The cotton fabric that covers the mattress is made of soft fibers that grow around the seeds of the cotton plant, a breathable and pleasant fabric that will cool the baby's warm body. The bamboo mattress cover is made from the soft and airy bamboo plant, which wicks away moisture and unpleasant odors and has hypoallergenic properties thanks to its hollow cell structure, which dries quickly and repels bacteria.

Breathable, water-resistant fabric

Due to the mattress being airy and breathable, the baby's over-heating and sweat are prevented, and the mattress covers are cotton and bamboo fabrics, which are known to absorb perspiration.

Double-sided: for two levels of firmness – A firm side and a flexible side

A firm side for babies up to 1 year old A flexible side for babies over 1 year old

Washing Instructions

Hand wash in cold water – do not use a dryer. The mattress covers may be washed at 30c, do not use a dryer.